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Life Insurance

Don't wait until it's too late


  • Family protection to provide financial security to surviving family members on the death of the insured person.

  • To pay for children's education.

  • Insurance to cover a particular need such as paying off a mortgage or consumer debt upon the insured's death.

  • Business insurance to compensate a company on the death of a key employee or to provide a surviving partner the resources to buy out the deceased partner's share of the business.

  • To provide funds to pay estate taxes or other final obligations necessary to settle a deceased person's estate.

  • To provide the funds necessary for the deceased person's burial expenses.

  • Accumulation of funds to supplement retirement income.

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There are many options available and these products are continually changing. You can count on Baker Insurance to provide you with the latest information and policies available!

Some of our options include:

Term Insurance — provides affordable coverage for a specific number of years.

Whole Life Insurance — provides coverage for your entire life and build a cash value.

Universal Life Insurance — offers features of both term and permanent insurance, with more flexibility than other plans.

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