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Business Insurance

As a business owner, you have enough on your mind,

trust us to cover what you've built.

​Baker Insurance is a local expert in insuring Pittsburgh based businesses.

Choosing the right business or commercial insurance plan can be very confusing. We have many different options and programs that will meet the needs of our business clients, protecting you from the risk in today's ever-changing environment. We assess your business and situation, then work with you to develop a creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solution that perfectly fits your needs!

We also offer specialty insurances for Contractors, Churches, Golf Courses, Restaurants and many more!

Construction Engineer
Briefcase Lock for Business Owners Insurance

Business Owners Insurance brings business property and business liability together into one convenient policy. Every business is unique and we work closely with every one to protect your business from a variety of risks.

Umbrellas in the sky for Business Umbrella Insurance

No business owner wants to consider the possibility of a catastrophic claim, but they do happen, and when they do they have the potential to cause serious financial harm. We will work with you to find the right protection above and beyond your other liability policies.

Pencil with eraser for Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance protects any business that gives advise, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions or represents the needs of others. We will work with you to design coverage that ensures one simple mistake doesn't cause financial devastation.

Bar with Liquor on Shelves for Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance protects you and your business, as a business that serves alcohol, in the unfortunate event that a customer causes damage or injury after being served alcohol by your business.

Board Room for General Liability Insurance

Uncertainties are always certain, no matter what size or type of business you run. We work with you determining your risks and putting together an insurance package that fits your business.

Cubicles for Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance helps cover medical care and lost wages for an employee who is hurt at work. It also covers work-related illnesses. We will work with you to find a solution that creates a safer and more productive workplace.

Man in Suit reading newspaper for Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers directors and officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer. We will work with you to protect your organizations most valuable asset; your senior leadership.

Hand Holding Key for Key Man Life Insurance

Key Man Life Insurance can keep your business running in the event of the death of an employee who is essential to the company's survival. We work with you tailoring coverage to assure your business, employees, customers, and creditors of continued success.

Truck in Dirt for Business Auto Insurance

Whether you rely on a single car or a fleet of vehicles, an accident can happen to even the most careful driver - and those accidents can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. We can help customize coverage that will protect your business and personal assets.

People meeting for Employment Practice Liability Insurance

As an employer, you face an increase in employment practices litigation alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation, and other employment-related issues. Let us help you identify gaps in your coverage and manage your rise proactively.

Concert Venue and Crowd for Special Event Insurance

The last thing you should need to worry about when organizing a special event is the financial rist you could face if something were to go wrong. Special event insurance gives you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on the event.

Computer Mouse on Graphs for Surety Bonds

This type of insurance is especially common in the construction industry, often utilized in government contracts. The bond is a way to guarantee that the large investment in a project is not lost, whether or not the work gets done.

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